New Fall Decor Ideas

My mom, sister and I made these today!!! Take a glass jar of some sort and use irridesent glass paint ( got mine at Michaels) and paint the glass. As you can see we made pumpkin faces!!! Then light up with tea light. We also did some mod podge to some old books that we have and those photos will be up soon!!!



I got this wooden pumpking from my grandma and couldn't find any paint at home and my mom and i didn't want to buy any so I thought to do this. I used scrapbook paper and mod podged it to the pumpkin. I hope to have more pumpkins cut out for me so i can do some halloween pumpkins!!



These are some photos I found that I forgot I had. Just to show you some of the trees and wreaths that have been done in the past. My friends Danielle and Karen all worked at sprinkler world and helped with set up. That is the one thing I miss about that place.


Recent home job for Michelle. She needed to finish up some rooms in her house so we went to town. More photos to come!!



The frames are priced at $15!!! they are great for graduation gifts and birthdays or for little boy or girls room!


Rag quilts can be made in the size and fabric you want. Price depends on how big the quilt will be!!!!


HOLIDAY HOME DECOR!!!! This is another fun thing I love to do. I have worked with this customer for a couple of years so far. I also love to decorate christmas trees.

Home decor is another thing I enjoy. These pictures are of my mom's house. I started out doing the froofy things like this and now I've gotten into doing a whole room in a house. Doing things with choosing carpet, paint, window treatments etc.
The pictures i've just uploaded of frames and quilts are things that can be made however you want. I'm not too sure who started making the frames like that whether it was my mom or my sister but its tons a fun to do. Tell me the size and colors and i'll go from there. Each size of quilt is priced differently as well as the frames. The frames however do not have glass but if you are wanting them with glass we can get that done!!


I love to be creative!!! I can't ever choose just one project to work on so I have a bit to choose from such as: Interior Decorating, Custom Frames, Cards & Rag Quilts!!! Along with the Interior Decorating I also enjoy doing things for the Christmas Season. Decorating trees and wreaths as well!!!